So, here we are.  I’ve been toying with the idea for awhile now about starting a blog to both record our journey and to share with our family/friends what exactly is happening in our lives.  This first entry is going to be a long one as I try to summarize what brought us to this point in the first place.

For those of you that don’t know, we’ve wanted to start a family since early 2015.  After talking about it for a bit, we decided to seek out the assistance of a fertility specialist in Louisville, KY.  We did an initial consultation with a larger practice, but decided to work with a sole practitioner that we felt more comfortable with.  After meeting with her, she seemed optimistic that we would be pregnant quickly with a simple dose of a drug named Clomid and an IUI procedure.  The Clomid would increase the number of eggs I released to two (instead of one), and the IUI would insert sperm directly into my uterus, where it would hopefully meet up with one of those eggs and form a nice, healthy baby.

Fast forward to February 2016.  By this point, we had completed four unsuccessful rounds of IUI.  My doctor suggested that I might have endometriosis and that I should have a laparoscopy done to correct it.  Although my doctor at Fort Knox disagreed with this diagnosis, he obliged and completed the surgery.  Much to his (and my!) surprise, I did indeed have endometriosis (wait, you mean horrendous cramps with your period isn’t normal?!??!??!).  After the surgery, my doctor suggested that we move on to IVF at this point since the IUIs were clearly not working.

In June of 2016, just prior to moving to Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, we completed our first round of IVF.  For those that aren’t familiar with it, you inject yourself with high doses of hormones to trick your body into creating lots of eggs.  Once all of the eggs have grown to a mature size, you have surgery (under general anesthesia) to remove them (via a needle directly to the ovary).  Once the eggs are removed, they are fertilized, and then transferred back into your uterus after being allowed to grow for a few days.

This first round of IVF was very disappointing.  The medication caused my body to create a measly 4 eggs and only 2 of those eggs fertilized and made it to the point of being ready for transfer back into my body.  With lots of prayers and good wishes, we transferred those two little embryos back in only to have a negative pregnancy test two weeks later.  It was very disappointing, to say the least.

At about this time, an old college friend posted on Facebook about the clinic that he and his wife used that resulted in a successful pregnancy.  The clinic’s success rates are the highest in the nation.  When you are spending mucho moolah, you really want to place your bets on the place that gives you the best odds of some sort of return.  We decided that once we got settled down in Kansas, we would contact this clinic and start the process over with them.

And this brings us to the current leg of our journey.  We are currently working with this new clinic to hopefully bring a much-wanted baby into our lives.

Last week, we flew to Denver to get the ball rolling on our egg retrieval.  All of our testing up until now led our doctor to believe that we would get between 15-20 eggs during retrieval.  However, my body has been responding poorly to the stimulation medication, resulting in only 6 or 7 little eggs developing.  At our meeting this afternoon with our doctor, he voiced his disappointment in my egg quantity and said that, in light of our upcoming move to Korea this summer, that we should highly consider doing a back to back retrieval.  That is, going ahead with retrieving the 6 eggs that we currently have, followed up by immediately restarting injections and then retrieving more eggs in 2-3 weeks.

This definitely wasn’t the news that we were hoping for.  Needless to say, we have some decisions — both emotionally and financially — that we need to make in the next 24 hours.

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