Confusing Decisions

Waking up this morning didn’t provide the instant clarity that I had hoped for. Apparently “sleeping on it for a night” isn’t the miracle solution it’s cracked up to be. At this point, our instinct is telling us to go ahead with our current egg retrieval as planned and then come back to Denver in a month for a second retrieval. At that point, we will do the chromosome testing on all of the embryos to determine the normal ones that are available for transfer (and hopefully result in a pregnancy!).

At our appointment this morning, the nurse stressed that this decision was completely up to us, and that the doctor could recommend things but we had to be realistic with ourselves regarding financing all of this.  The way she worded it — your friend invites you out for dinner and suggests a fancy steak house.  But if all you can afford is McDonald’s, well, then you go to McDonald’s.

For those of you that are unfamiliar with the cost associated with IVF — especially at the clinic we have chosen to work with — let me break it down for you:

(all of this includes the wonderful military discounts that they are extending to us!)
$2,495.20 [initial labs/testing prior to starting our cycle]
$20,031.20 [one round of IVF, including chromosome testing]
$3,813.68 [one round of medication injections, after insurance coverage]
$1,140.00 [one single vial of donor sperm, plus shipping to our doctor]
$10,765.40 [second retrieval surgery to try and increase the number of eggs]
~$6,000.00 [fee for second round of medication injections]
TOTAL: $44,245.28 spent since December 2016

This is just our total cost for this year.  All out of pocket…..  None of this includes the previous round of IVF and 4 IUIs that we completed last year with our doctor in Louisville, KY.  I haven’t gone through and calculated our exact costs for that, but my guess is that it is somewhere around $20,000.

I’m glad that we are picking an insanely smart sperm donor — because our kids are going to need all of the scholarships in the world to go to college seeing as we are spending their entire college fund on creating them.

-Mama D

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