A Herd of Turtles


When you are preparing yourself for egg retrieval surgery, there are a few weeks (or more) of preparation.  At the beginning of it, you are given a calendar with all of your medication doses, days that you’ll need ultrasounds and lab work completed, and a day when they anticipate your surgery will take place.  For the past two egg retrieval procedures, the estimated surgery day has been pretty spot on — or within a day of what was listed.

This time around, my body is responding great to the medication.  Instead of 6 or 7 follicles, we’ve been looking at the double digits!  The downside to this cycle, you might ask?  For some reason, my follicles are taking their sweet time absorbing the medication and growing.  As my nurse put it a few days ago, it is like moving a herd of turtles.  It is great that they are all in the race, but OMG, please just grow already!  My surgery date was supposed to be yesterday (Thursday), but has now been pushed out to Monday (at which point, we will literally be leaving the surgery center and driving immediately to Kansas so that I can be back in classes on Tuesday!)  I’ve been asked if the surgery is tough.  I’ll be honest, I’m asleep for it, so I have no clue.  I can tell you that the recovery period afterward is…..uncomfortable?  I mean, you don’t expect getting a needle poked through your vaginal wall multiple times to suck out eggs to be painless, right?

Our turtles earlier this week:IMG_4758Hoping that one of those little follicles listed above grows into the angel that we have been waiting for!

2 thoughts on “A Herd of Turtles

  1. Thinking of you. I went through a similar situation years ago. It was tough!!!! You have more options now than years ago. Wishing you success. Love, Jewel


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