These legs are meant for…..laying down

Mama D here. Thank you so much for the positive feedback on this week’s flurry of posts!  Mama M’s part of our journey to motherhood was definitely not easy on her.


But, she was a trooper and hung in there.  Out of the seven eggs that they retrieved on the day that photo was taken, 5 were mature and fertilized properly and 4 of those made it to the blastocyst stage (i.e. grew five days into a nice little ball of a hundred cells).

Similarly to our retrieval in March, we sent her four embryos, plus my one lone embryo from April, off for chromosome testing and hoped for the best!

Fast forward to a few days ago. After my acupuncture appointment (as if taking shots wasn’t enough needles for me, I’ve been doing acupuncture to increase blood flow in my abdomen), we treated ourselves to dinner at an Indian place in Lawrence, KS.  My ringing phone interrupted my enjoyment of a great piece of naan bread.

Oh man……..a Colorado phone number………

“Hi, this is Dr ___ calling with the results of your testing — is this a good time?”

Let me just say that when I am waiting for important news, anytime is a good time.  Feeding my face? In the bathroom? Carrying something heavy? I will stop on the freeway to hear what you are going to tell me. I scrambled to find something to write on — a sharpie in my purse and the restaurant placemat would have to do.

“So, your lone embryo is unfortunately abnormal — an extra #22 chromosome, so incompatible with life.”


“but, the amazing news is that every single one of Mama M’s embryos came back chromosomally normal. You’ve got four great ones waiting for you!”

Mama M told me that my face looked as though I had finally seen Santa Claus, won the lottery, and eaten a super delectable treat — all rolled into one.  Four good embryos!  I’m still in shock.


It looked like a transfer (and the possibility of pregnancy) was finally plausible.  Finally!

So where do we stand today?

I, for one, am not standing.  I’m on bedrest for the next few days while these guys/gals settle in:


We spent last night driving here to our doctors office in Denver. This morning, I popped a Valium, did some acupuncture treatments, and focused on creating a temple…, a palace…..for these little nuggets to get comfortable in.

There was a slight snafu, and Embryo #2 (a girl) did not survive being thawed, so these nuggets are actually Embryo numbers 1 and 3. We specifically chose to not know the genders. If they arrive in March, as we hope they do, their genders will be a complete surprise to all of us.


There are a lot of unknowns right now. My body could decide that it isn’t ready to be pregnant….the embryos could say “see ya later gator!” and exit the premises, we could have one embryo implant, we could have both embryos implant, we could (god help us no) end up having one of the embryos split and become twins, thereby having triplets.  Again, lots of unknowns.

One thing I do know for sure, though, is that these little balls of cells that are resting in my uterus are loved by us, our families that have been on this journey with us, and by all of you that have been following along.

Oh, and one other thing I’m pretty sure of — bed rest is the perfect opportunity to Netflix binge and knit propped up — and not be given any flack for it. ❤️


Pregnant until proven otherwise,

Mama D


One thought on “These legs are meant for…..laying down

  1. OMG! I could cry! I’m so happy for you guys! I’m praying even harder now for those little tiny ones to hang on tight and be strong just like their Mama D and Mama M! I love you both! Hugs!


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